The Slack Feature That Will Revolutionize Communication in Your Company

POSTED ON 09, Oct 2017 By John

We have all had experiences with company emails. At one point or the other, you have missed important updates from multiple departments within your company. The main reason being, all these departments use email distribution lists for any all types of communication, and these emails end up filling our inboxes pretty fast. Whenever we want to have a one-on-one chat with several members of our department, we turn to Google Hangouts, and we have been thinking that we are tech gurus for being able to share files by just sharing a Dropbox or a Google Drive link. However, until you discover Slack, you will still live in the lie that you are a tech guru.

Slack is an application that puts together the functionality of email, file sharing, instant messaging, one-on-one chat and much more into a single platform that is easy and fun to use. You can use the application on your mobile device or your desktop.

That name Slack sounds deceiving, that is sure, but just before you take that thought further, please read on and find out more about Channels which is a feature that slack offers that will revolutionize communication in your company.

Typically, in any company, people communicate about a variety of things. With channels, everyone has the opportunity to organize all the conversations about all these things while still ensuring that the right employees are involved and at the precise time.

You can make channels for just about anything from a whole company’s channel, through a project one to a small committee’s channel. Once conversations are organized into channels, every employee will know where to find particular information. The channels also serve as archives for all conversations in that channel making it a walk in the park to locate what you are looking for.

If you also don’t want distractions or you are not interested in every detail in a channel, you can turn off notifications for that channel. Channels also have a feature that indicates the channel where someone mentioned you in a conversation. In such a channel, a red numerical indicator will appear next to it.

Slack offers three different channel options: Public Channels, Private Channels, and Direct Messages. The public channels are for open conversations in which every employee can take part. Private channels are about sensitive and confidential topics limited to a few members of the staff while the direct and group messages are for private conversations between members.

While this is the main takeaway that slack offers, it has numerous other features which are also tailored towards making communication within your company seamless.

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