Introducing GIVEu, a simple and secure church CMS with online giving

POSTED ON 11, Aug 2017 By John

For most small to medium sized churches, a common scenario plays out: A young member of the church who is a professional techy volunteer to do a website for his church. The young techy will at first have time to update the site and add content to it. As the career life of the techy takes shape and family life takes effect, the techy no longer has time to update neither the website nor its content. On realizing this, they do the hard work of training another person to take up their role.

For most churches, a series of events leaves them with no techy to maintain their website and its content eventually gets stale. For this reason, GIVEu a church content management system (CCMS) was developed.

GIVEu CCMS eliminates the need of a techy or a person with knowledge of writing codes. You do not need to be an HTML expert to update the website. With this system, the church can communicate with its congregants by making different files available to the congregation. These files include word documents, adobe acrobat – pdf files MP3 or WMA audio files, etc.

Churches have several ministries such as children, teens, youth, women, men, seniors, discipleship, evangelism, music ministries, etc. a CCMS can help a church keep track of all these ministries. Each ministry has its page on the CCMS, and this will assist the church to keep track of the ministries.  And give members access to information regarding these ministries.

Churches also have innumerable financial transactions and needs including donations, tithes, contribution for special events, offering, etc. Managing these finances can be a costly endeavor but with the online giving incorporated in the GIVEu CCMS, the management of these funds has been made easy.

GIVEu offers a giving process that will not only secure your transactions, but it will also increase the donations, offerings and contributions made online thus increase the overall giving. Furthermore, it has advanced reporting features that allow church members to view and download their giving history online for the sake of paying taxes. With its real-time account activity notification property, it helps you keep track of every transaction in real-time.

GIVEu has flexible buying plans that fit the size of your organization. Once you buy it, you own the copy of the software meaning that there ae no contracts, and you will hear neither cancellation fees nor reporting fees. On purchase of the software, we offer free On-site or remote training. The system also has daily backup capabilities ensuring you are safe in case of unforeseen acts of nature.

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