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GIVEu - Church Content Management System Version History
Last Updated 2 years ago

GIVEu  CCMS - Version History

We only publish changes that are public and would impact current installation including new features. Security updates will not be published to insure security of current installations that have not been upgraded. In that case, you might notice breaks in version increments, where we leave out internal updates.
Version Release Date Change History
2.20 20 Nov, 16
  • Added custom themes support
  • Minor design changes to back-end
  • Customizable front-end main menu
  • Bug fixes
2.01 12 Sep, 16
  • Updated patch for composer error during composer install
  • Updated installation guide
2.0 5 Sep, 16
  • Added recurring contributions. Members or guests can choose one-time or recurring contributions. This will create a plan for that member in you Stripe account for easier tracking and reporting
  • Users can cancel their recurring gifts.
  • Minor design changes.
  • Disabled PayPal option in settings as it is not currently supported. Will include it in a future release.
  • Responsive system email template
1.3 22 Aug ,16
  • Initial public release
1.2 22 Apr, 16

  • Beta release and testing

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