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DaycarePRO version history
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Daycare management system version updates

We only publish changes that are public and would impact current installation including new features. Security updates will not be published to insure security of current installations that have not been upgraded. In that case, you might notice breaks in version increments, where we leave out internal updates.
Version Release Date Change History
1.21 26 Oct, 16
  • Updated dashboard landing page
  • Fixed invoice not updating status using manual update
  • Remove credit card option to save┬ápayment methods for a child
  • Minor bug fixes
Features suggestions welcome.
If you are developer and would like to support this project, please contact us.
1.2 21 Oct,16
  • Fixed child checkout error
  • Fixed pickup user information not persisting
  • Fixed login issue
To update from version 1.0, simply copy and replace controller, model and view directories.
Pay attention if you have made any modifications to any files here as they will be overwritten.
1.0 22 Aug, 16
  • Initial public release

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